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6 Ways to Use Mirrors to Decorate the Bedroom

Mirrors are a complement to any room. You may know a lot about using them in the bathroom and living room. However, you can also decorate with mirrors in the bedroom. With the bedroom, you want to pay special attention to what the mirror reflects. However, mirrors can not only beautify your space but also help you with your morning routines.

1. Closet Mirror

The most obvious place for a mirror in your master bedroom is in the closet. The mirror naturally facilitates your daily dressing. As a bonus, it can catch the light and illuminate the space.

The mirror you'll choose depends on your closet. If you have accordion doors, you could have custom mirrors installed over each accordion panel. For a swing door, consider having the mirror attached to the door itself. For a walk-in closet, you might have the mirror installed at the back for the light-reflection to illuminate the interior.

2. Oversized Mirror

While conventional design principles recommend keeping décor proportionate, an oversized mirror can add visual interest in a small bedroom. Indeed, the reflective properties of the mirror can make your bedroom feel larger. One way to achieve this effect is by tucking the mirror into a small corner to give the illusion of more space.

You could also try placing the mirror behind a table or desk. The furniture piece should be relatively small and should feature an open design. Not only will the reflection increase visual space but also the mirror will draw attention to an otherwise overlooked furniture item.

3. Nightstand Mirrors

​In that vein, another way to juxtapose mirrors and furniture is by hanging the mirrors above your nightstands. Such an arrangement can offer a pleasing symmetry for your bed.

For this effect, look for a pair of tall, narrow mirrors that match your décor. You should hang the mirrors centered above each nightstand, but make sure you leave space between the stand's top and the bottom of the mirror. You could emphasize the connection between the two with a lamp that juts up into the frame of the mirror.

4. Headboard Mirror

Conventional wisdom has it that you shouldn't hang a mirror to reflect the bed in any way. Likewise, you don't want the mirror placed so that it's the first thing you see when you wake up. Therefore, hanging the mirror above the headboard is an ideal placement.

If possible, orient the mirror so that it reflects light, whether from a window or lamp. Indeed, if you have an attractive light fixture, such as a chandelier, try to orient the mirror so it reflects the entire fixture like a work of art.

5. Decorative Mirror

A mirror can also be its own work of art. You have so many choices in frames and even glass. Some of your glass options for mirrors include the following:
  • Standard
  • Distressed
  • Etched
  • Painted
  • Stained

You can also choose mirrors that are paned or that include trim within the body of the mirror itself. When hanging one of these decorative mirrors, you still want to be careful in what it's reflecting. Ideally, it should reflect light. However, you don't want to muddle the look of any creative glass by having it reflect patterns or small objects.

6. Vanity Mirror

If you have enough space in your bedroom, designate a grooming area by setting up a vanity. Styles of vanity mirrors range from ultra-modern to traditional. Indeed, choosing an elaborate frame for your vanity mirror can give the impression of old Hollywood glamour.

You could choose a fully assembled vanity, or you could custom-create the space. For the latter, the mirror will be the centerpiece. You'll place a desk or table directly underneath. You'll want to flank the mirror with lights to make getting ready as easy as possible.

Utilize the beauty of mirrors to decorate your bedroom. Visit our team at Russell's Glass & Mirror for more design inspiration.