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Daylight Savings Time: Ways to Add More Natural Light To Your Home

Natural Light To Home
As daylight savings time forces us to push our clocks forward, we get to enjoy a lot of extra time with sunlight in the late afternoon and early evening. As you spend time in your home, enjoying the sunlight can have many benefits.

Your home will be filled with natural light, you reduce energy costs for lighting, and you have the ability to maintain climate control a little easier. To take full advantage of the extended daytime hours, consider ways to add more natural light to your home.

Various forms of windows or glass will help fill your home with light, brightness, and the natural sun. Browse through ideas to see what upgrades are available to you and how the upgrades will help with the overall flow of light in your home.

Ceiling-to-Floor Windows

Create a whole new look for your living room, family room, or kitchen with the installation of ceiling-tofloor windows. These windows feature various panels with a lot of open glass space and the ability to really expand the natural light in your home. Create gorgeous views of the outdoors while illuminating your home with light.

As the sun continues to shine past 7 p.m. and later as the months go on, you can enjoy the natural light without the need to turn on any interior lights. On the exterior of the home, the windows may be finished with a tint or reflective material to help protect your privacy while you are in the home.

During nice days, some of the panels may shift open and allow natural air to flow into the home along with the natural light. The windows often have a modern feel to them, but there are finishes and colors to match all types of styles.

Bathroom Windows and Mirrors

Adding windows to a bathroom can create a natural flow of light for a peaceful and relaxing experience. You have the ability to purchase windows with a stained finish or etched design so no one can peer inside, but light still shines through.

If you shower after work or in the early evening, your bathroom will be illuminated with a lot of light. Help reflect the light and fill the bathroom with even more brightness by upgrading the mirrors in the bathroom. Large wall mirrors reflect light and can fill darker areas of a bathroom with extra illumination. 

Glass Patio Doors

New glass patio doors greatly expand the flow and feeling of a kitchen. Full glass panels help let a lot of light in and add a nice look to the home. Doors may be purchased in a number of different styles, including French doors, double doors, and sliding doors.

As you prepare dinner and relax in the kitchen, the natural light will make the days feel longer and fill you with happiness as you enjoy meals. The glass patio doors are also ideal for any type of outdoor cooking you do once the daylight hours have expanded.

Sky Windows

For ranches, raised ranches, and houses with a raised living room ceiling, one of the best ways to add the extended sunlight in the home is with the installation of sky windows. You get the beautiful views of the sky through the open glass, and you have the chance to pour sunlight into your home.

The sky windows act as a ceiling light during the day, and their use is greatly expanded during daylight savings time. Choose from single-panel installations or larger connected panels for a bigger view.

For all of your glass and window needs, contact us at Russell's Glass & Mirror. We can help you pick out all types of glass designs and windows for the rooms in your home.