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Decorative Glass Ideas for Your Patio Doors

A patio is a great place to relax, and its doors should be pristine and attractive in appearance. Whether you are upgrading your window glass because you want more energy-efficient panes or there is condensation in the glass that you can't get rid of, choosing decorative glass can give your patio (and adjoining interior room) the allure it needs.
Here are just some ideas you can consider for your patio door glass. Keep in mind your privacy needs, the way the rest of your home is designed, and the size of your patio doors when choosing glass.
Beveled Glass
Beveled glass is textured glass that is wavy or bumpy in appearance. What makes this type of glass so unique is the way it throws light when sunlight shines directly on it. If privacy is your desire, beveled glass is an attractive choice for your patio doors.
Beveled glass can cause some obscurity when looking out into your yard, so you may wish to install this option in one panel of your patio (such as the working part of the door) while choosing a clear double pane with a shade insert for the rest of your door's glass. This way, you can have the privacy you desire while still being able to enjoy viewing out and in through your glass when you want.
Mirrored Glass
Mirrored glass is chic and modern in design and offers you ample privacy while still being able to have full view of your property from within. Mirrored glass works by reflecting exterior imagery back outside without compromising your view from within.
You can choose a clear mirrored glass for your patio doors, or you can opt for a tinted glass in any hue from a light blue to a rich and dark gray. Your window installation specialist can show you different varieties of mirrored glass for your budget and design needs.
Stained Glass
Looking to add color and whimsy to your patio? Consider adding a few stained glass panels to your doors for a unique (and trending) appeal. French panels can be installed in your patio doors, allowing plenty of room for a few of them to be converted to beautiful stained glass.
Choose classic floral or geometric designs for your stained glass, or choose a more modern mosaic pattern that dazzles in the sun. You can choose stained glass for bordering your door or allow the panels to be placed in the center of your patio doors.
Frosted Glass
Commonly seen in shower glass doors and business storefronts, frosted glass is classic in its streamlined appeal. This is a style of glass to choose if you want simple etching placed in your glass panels (frost the edges only) or if you want to give your patio a private appeal.
Frosted glass can be combined with beveled or textured designs or placed on smooth glass for a contemporary effect. Your window installation specialist can show you different strengths of frosted glass you can choose from for sun protection and privacy.
If you are ready to upgrade your patio doors, simply install new glass. You have many styles and designs to choose from to meet your budget and style needs. If you can't decide what type of glass you want, your glass installation specialist will be happy to show you samples or allow you in their showroom for ideas.
New window glass in your patio doors can make a huge difference in the appeal of your home. Allow our team at Russell's Glass & Mirror to show you the many different styles and types of window glass you can select from.