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Fitting a Custom Mirror Into Contemporary Style Décor

Custom Mirror
Contemporary is one of the most popular styles for home décor. Whether you're updating your décor or starting from scratch, the contemporary style might at least season your choices. When it comes to promoting a contemporary aesthetic, a custom mirror can play a big role in your décor.
Contemporary Décor Defined
Contemporary style is notoriously difficult to define. The word contemporary simply denotes the style that reflects the décor of the moment. That said, while the style does pull elements from different movements, certain characteristics are common:
  • Minimalist lines
  • Mix of natural and manufactured materials
  • Focus on form
  • Bright, airy interiors

Because contemporary design pulls from so many styles, décor can look very different from home to home and even room to room in the same home. However, the above elements should work together to give your décor a modern, streamlined aesthetic. One accessory that can help that presentation is a customized mirror.
Add a Sense of Minimalism
A contemporary room should look uncluttered. Designers tend to favor clean lines with little to no ornamentation. Mirrors are an ideal accessory for this principle.
A simple mirror will work in any contemporary interior. You can have it hung on a wall all alone. The mirror will reflect what's across from it, which gives it some visual interest. However, such a mirror stands alone, which speaks to the minimalist nature of contemporary design.
Accent With Natural Materials
Designers like to incorporate some natural materials, such as bamboo and wood, into contemporary décor. However, natural materials are an accent element brought in from other décor styles. If you decorate strictly with natural materials, you run the risk of your décor looking more old-world than you may intend.
In other words, you need to mix the natural materials with manufactured ones, such as glass. In this case, instead of a simple, custom-cut mirror, you may choose a mirror with a simple frame made of an organiclooking material, such as the above-mentioned bamboo. However, to maintain the contemporary aesthetic, its lines should be minimalist.
You can also use the mirror to reflect natural materials. For example, say you have wooden blinds with minimalist slats in your décor. You can hang your mirror to reflect the slats as a geometric pattern. The reflection will showcase both the lines of the slats as well as the naturalism of the wood material.
Focus on Form
Another hallmark of contemporary design is its focus on form. You sometimes see items such as fireplaces deconstructed to their most basic elements. However, within this focus, you also see a preference for geometric shapes. Not only does that focus highlight the form, but it also speaks to the clean minimalism of the style.
A custom-cut mirror is an ideal accoutrement in this case. You can have the mirror cut into any geometric shape.
Get creative with this principle. Look into angles and curves that complement your specific space or the character of your room. You can also have the edges beveled to add more shape to your wall décor. In that way, the main portion of the mirror creates one shape, while the beveled edges create separate ones.
Let Light In
Contemporary interiors are never dim and gloomy. They should always carry a sense of brightness. The light can come from natural or artificial sources, but it must infiltrate your room.
Mirrors are renowned for their abilities to reflect light into dim corners. Whichever style of customized mirror you choose, hang it so it reflects light, whether from the sun or a lighting fixture. Indeed, consider hanging a system of mirrors to eliminate shadows. You'll need to experiment with placement to create the illumination without glare.
Utilize the natural qualities of mirrors to create an attractive contemporary interior in your home. Let Russell's Glass & Mirror provide the custom mirror for your contemporary décor.