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Tempered Glass Equals Tougher Protection

You have culminated your lifelong dream of owning your own business, and you have completed that step by buying your own piece of heaven — a store to display everything you have to offer. Why not further the investment you made into your business by having tempered glass installed. Tempered glass, also referred to as toughened glass offers many practical advantages.
  • Classy: A tempered-glass storefront makes any business look better. Tempered glass has a higher gloss and actually stays clearer longer. It also makes the merchandise visible to potential clients, which in essence, allows it to sell itself before the client even walks in the door.
  • Resilient: Tempered glass is traditionally stronger than ordinary glass because of its added thickness and the process used to create it. As such, it is also used in areas where heavy rains and wind sweep through frequently, thus preventing damage to your merchandise and store front from the elements.
  • Deters Theft: Whereas ordinary glass breaks easily under pressure and shatters into sharp shards, tempered glass requires more force to break. Because of its strength, tempered glass is often more difficult for thieves to break through. Since most crime occurs because of opportunity, tempered glass offers added security.
Tempered glass offers an attractive option for any business. For tempered glass options, contact Russell’s Glass & Mirror at 615-352-0178.