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The Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors for Your Patio

sliding glass door
If you are building or renovating a home, consider implementing sliding glass doors for your patio. A modern and attractive option, sliding glass doors offer a number of benefits over traditional hinged doors:
Wider Entry
Sliding glass doors typically open twice as wide as single-hinged doors. This provides a much more generous entryway, which is a welcome convenience when you need to carry a table, bed or other large piece of furniture in or out.
Increased Natural Light
A glass door allows extra natural light into the home. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this can actually save you money on your energy bill by reducing your reliance on indoor lights.
Unobstructed View
Transparent glass provides a clear view through the doors. This provides an aesthetic sense of continuity from indoors to outdoors. It also enhances safety by allowing you to keep an eye on the outside from behind a securely locked door.
More Usable Space
A traditional hinged door swings through the area it opens into, requiring you to keep that area clear. A sliding door leaves that space free to use, giving you extra room to fit functional shelving or an end table.
Protection Against the Elements
Sliding glass door systems provide excellent insulation, keeping you comfortable indoors against chilly weather.
Beautiful and functional, sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home. To get started with installing you own sliding glass doors, contact the experts at Russell’s Glass & Mirror today.