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The Best Ways to Clean Glass in Your Home

Cleaning all the glass in your home can be a challenge. From windows to mirrors, streaks and stubborn stains are roadblocks to the kind of shine you’re looking for. However, there are strategies you can use to clean all the glass in your home and keep it looking beautiful for days after.

Eliminate Streaks

Streaks can be frustrating when it comes to cleaning glass properly, but you don’t have to live with them. To reduce the risk of streaks forming on clean glass, try these techniques:
  • Rinse windows first
  • Do not wash glass in direct sunlight
  • Finish with newspaper, not paper towels
Adding a touch of vinegar to your finishing cloth can also cut down on streaking.

Remove Stains Before Washing Mirrors

If you have a hard time cleaning the mirrors in your bathroom, you may have to change your technique. Stains from soap and toothpaste tend to cause streaking if you try to wipe them away with a window cleaner. For a shine that is free of streaks and spots, remove these tougher stains with a soft cloth and alcohol before using your glass cleanser.

Treat Glass Furniture with Care

Glass tabletops and coffee tables require special care. Remove stains and spills before using a vinegar and water mix to clean the glass. Avoid using harsh cleaning products on these items.
Cleaning all the glass in your home doesn’t have to be a battle if you take steps to change your cleansing techniques. For more information about how to get your home’s glass sparkling clean, contact Russell’s Glass & Mirror at 615-352-0178.