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The Perfect Retail Balance: Wide Open Glass Displays With Heightened Security

Modern Empty Store Front with Glass Display

When it comes to the retail industry, motivating customers to buy begins with a great display. Whether it's jewelry, clothing, electronics, or other merchandise, when a customer can see a product, it's easier for them to visualize just how they could use it. For this reason, glass store-fronts with glass displays are the way to go for retail businesses.

However, some companies shy away from this type of setup due to security concerns. The idea of glass windows and display cases seems like a break-in waiting to happen, but the reality is that you can have an open glass display and keep security at a heightened level; learn just how.

Rely on Glass Fortification Methods

You can further expand the security of the glass in your business by relying on fortification methods, and it is best to start with the glass store-front display. Think of these additions as an extra layer of security. Install window film over both sides of all glass doors and store-fronts.

Window film is a clear, easy to install covering that helps keep the glass from breaking, even when hit forcefully. The glass will shatter, but remain intact. In addition to increased security, the window film also helps regulate indoor temperatures. 

A more comfortable temperature creates a more pleasurable shopping experience for your customers and lowers energy consumption, both of which will directly impact your profits.

For an added layer of security, you may also want to install a gate or drop-down cover to keep out intruders after hours. These security measures will also help protect the glass from hail or any other thunderstorm-related damage.

Install Laminated Safety Glass

When selecting options for your display cases on the sales floor, don't just rely on standard glass. It's okay to choose standard glass for lower value items, but all high-value merchandise requires an extra layer of protection, and laminated safety glass is an excellent option for several reasons.

Smash-and-grab robberies are on the rise in the Nashville area, with several businesses feeling the impact. With standard glass, a thief can smash the glass on a display case near effortlessly and get away with thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise in an instant.

Laminated glass contains two glass layers with an ethylene-vinyl (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) fixed layer between them. When a robber attempts a smash-and-grab, the middle layer will help keep the outer glass layers intact. Laminated glass is not indestructible, but can serve as a significant deterrent.

Know What to Display

It's hard for a thief to take that which they don't have access to. If you're a retailer with high-dollar merchandise, it is best to keep these pieces in a vault or other secure area. Even with good security measures in place, you are at an increased risk for a break-in simply by having these valuable pieces on display and accessible to the public.

Place all excess inventory in a secure location, as well. Secured storage can also protect your merchandise from incidents of employee theft, both during and after hours.

With 30% of businesses failing due to employee theft, a deterrent in this area can go a long way. To further heighten security, you should also limit access to the storage area to managers, or other trusted and experienced associates.

Dispel any idea you may have had that glass means less security. Consider these updates to keep your merchandise on display and easily viewable by customers, while also keeping it protected. At Russell's Glass & Mirror, we are happy to assist you with your commercial glass needs.