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Three Reasons to Install Storefront Glass

We all know that fresh paint and the right landscaping can add to a home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to buyers. Curb appeal applies to more than homes, however; it can be a factor in successful business as well. Here are three reasons to install storefront glass.
Invite Sales
Give your shop a facelift by installing large panes in the storefront and creating a friendly and welcoming environment. Glass invites passersby, both on foot and in automobiles, to stop and look at your merchandise, drawing them into the store and hopefully making a purchase.
Added Security
Add protection from break-ins with tempered or security glass, which provides strength against breaking or shattering. Security glass has a film or laminate that will hold the glass together, should it be broken. By providing increased visibility, glass storefronts can also deter burglars and vandals.
Energy Efficiency
Windows can add light and warmth to your business, helping you save on utility bills. Updating your windows provides you an opportunity to become more energy efficient and take advantage of these savings. Insulated glass can increase these benefits.
Along with updating the look of your business, storefront glass carries an aesthetic appeal that draws customers, and that’s something every business needs. To learn more about the options for your business, contact Russell’s Glass & Mirror at 615-352-0178.